2014: babel. überall


The project comprises visual content originating from the desires, fantasies and dreams of the students. They use various artistic means of expression to develop their own artistic performances, taking into account and showcasing their individual differences. Throughout this collaborative effort the students look for unifying aspects and new connections.

The vision consists of creating a common, living work of art, to whose success everybody makes a personal contribution.
The collaboration with the artists allows the students to realize and experience how sound, an underlying rhythm, a common idea, or a work of art are created and developed in its details.
It takes imagination, patience, talent, discipline, tolerance, desire and courage to learn.

The topics are not expressed linguistically; instead, they are communicated via a universally understandable language, i.e. the combination of various forms of art. The search for different means of expression makes the participants delve deeper into the question of how to express themselves without the use of the spoken language. It makes them experience new forms of communication such as dance, music, rhythm, song, the construction of a tower, or the creation of a work of art.
All languages and desires should be expressed, made visible and united in a total work of art.

It is the joy of seeing the individual efforts and talents working together that lets the vision come to life. A vision that unlocks new towers and spaces in which we can dance and play - a game of sound and time.


Artist:Alvise Carbone, Rhythmus
Eva Debrunner, Flöte
Pierre Favre, Musik/Perkussion
Fredrik Gille, Perkussion
Patrick Grigo, Tanz
Rea Hunziker, Gesang
Ruth Maria Obrist, Bildende Kunst
Daria Reimann, Tanz
Ursula Rutishauser, Bildende Kunst
Margret Sohn, Gesang
Michael Spindler, Film
Marco Volta, Tanz
Comp:Claudio Canonica, Violine
Gregor Loepfe, Piano
Thom Wettstein, Bass
Project management:Eliane Zgraggen
Cast: Lehrpersonen der Schule Neuenhof
Schülerinnen und Schüler der Schule Neuenhof
Lighting:Veit Kälin
Sound:Markus Luginbühl, audiopool
Producer:Pitt Hartmeier
Managing director, head of Communications:Judith Vögele
Artistic director:Brigitta Luisa Merki





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Karin Renold, Badener Tagblatt, 09.09.2016

Schulblatt Aargau/Solothurn

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Raffaele Briamonte, Renate Baschek, Schulblatt Aargau/Solothurn, 01.08.2016

Badener Neujahrsblätter 2015

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Feli Schindler, Badener Neujahrsblätter 2015, 25.11.2014

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Regional Brugg

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Radio SRF 2 Kultur

SRF2 Kultur Kompakt (Segment after 13.30 minutes, only available in German)

Maya Künzler, Radio SRF 2 Kultur, 26.05.2014

Tele M1 Aktuell

Tele M1 Aktuell, 24.05.2014 Danceperformance in Königsfelden with 130 Kids (only available in German)

Stephan Lanz, Tele M1 Aktuell, 24.05.2014

SRF 1 Regionaljournal Aargau Solothurn

SRF 1 Regionaljournal
130 Students, 30 Languages, 1 Art-Project in Königsfelden (only available in German)

SRF 1 Regionaljournal Aargau Solothurn, 22.05.2014

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Kultur

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Aargauer Zeitung, Kultur

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Aargauer Zeitung

"It is so simple - all one has to do is begin"
What is art? What do I do with it - what does it do to me? Tanz & Kunst Königsfelden's first pedagogic project has spent the past several months trying to find answers to these and other questions. Brigitta Luisa Merki, the project's artistic director, continues to develop the theme from the production "babel.torre", which enjoyed great success at the Klosterkirche Königsfelden in 2013. This time, she is working with young adults and male and female artists from every genre of music, dance, the visual arts and film. The new title for this expanded project reads "babel. everywhere." It includes students, teachers and artists, all collaborating in the creation of this new production, which will be performed six times in May at the Klosterkirche Königsfelden. The performance is not Merki's primary objective, however; instead, her purpose is to "introduce young people to various forms of art." The creative process is the focus, the act of absorbing artistic impulses, of reacting and responding to them, on stage or backstage, guided and inspired by artists. In other words, the process is more important than the result.
... The Neuenhof School showed a lot of interest in this pedagogic project. Since October of last year, three different high school levels (including special education classes), two fifth-grade classes, and several teachers have been included in the project. Merki is fascinated by the Neuenhof School. "It is a melting pot of students from close to 30 countries," she explains as she glances across the room.
... Chairs are arranged in a semi-circle; a djembe is placed in front of every chair. A djembe is a type of African drum made from a hollowed-out tree trunk. What will happen? The audience does not have to wait long for an answer, for the door opens and a man emanating both strength and fragility enters the room: Pierre Favre, the legendary percussionist. His appearance belies his 77 years of age. Favre is one of the musicians working with the students and young adults. He does not need to explain everything in detail because his attentiveness and warmth eradiate a natural authority. How are the rehearsals going? "It is so simple - all one has to do is begin," the musician answers without any airs.

Elisabeth Feller, Aargauer Zeitung, 19.01.2014

Regional, Brugg

„Babel. Towers that Build Desires - Desires that Build Towers" receives Contribution from Swisslos, the Swiss Lottery Company
"Tanz & Kunst Königsfelden", TKK for short, will receive CHF 150,000 from the Swisslos Foundation for its pedagogic cultural project "babel. Towers that Build Desires - Desires that Build Towers". For the past several months Brigitta Luisa Merki, Director of the TKK, has been working on the project in close collaboration with the Neuenhof School. The project will culminate in a series of performances (premiere: May 23, 2014) at the Klosterkirche Königsfelden, the canton's foremost venue for dance performances.
Name-dropping: The students from the Neuenhof School have been working with experts in their field for months. Pierre Favre for example - one of the world's best-known percussionists - has been "practicing" for the production. José Moro, Marco Volta, Daria Reimann and Patrick Grigo (a multiple hip-hop world champion) are responsible for the dance parts. Ruth Maria Obrist (Set Designer and "Tower Builder of Babel" in the Königsfelden church in 2013) and Paper Artist Ursula Rutishauser represent the visual arts. Michael Spindler, an experienced film maker and photographer, assists the students with filming the creative process and with creating the videos that will be integrated into the performance.
Everyone offers his or her contributions with great enthusiasm, and one can only look forward to seeing the result.
Please look for additional information in this publication and online at tanzundkunstkoenigsfelden.ch.

Ernst Rothenbach, Regional, Brugg, 09.01.2014


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