Review 2016: «leise brüllen»

Enthusiastic audience and Standing Ovations:

Successful Premiere and sold-out performances from the Art Education-Project «leise brüllen» from
tanz & kunst königsfelden and the school Windisch (AG) at the Klosterkirche Königsfelden.

>> Photos from the performances on May and June 2016

>> Performance video

>> Press summary (in German)

>> Video from the perfromance is coming soon


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Performance video «leise brüllen»

Premiere «leise brüllen»

Pictures from the Rehearsals

Teaser «leise brüllen»

by tanz&kunst königsfelden

«leise brüllen», major projekt in art education

The artists develop during 5 months the project with the 120 children at the school Windisch, AG.

HipHop and Lead dance: Patrick Grigo
Percussion: Gilson de Assis
Visual concept and camera obscura: Jacqueline Weiss
Videoart/Cartoon: Anka Schmid
Videoprojection: Ursula Palla
Installation with paper: Roman Sonderegger
Musik, live: Big Zis, vocals; Balint Dobozi, keys; Marton Dobozi, bass; Domenico Ferrari, electronics

Total production Brigitta Luisa Merki

«leise brüllen» - coming soon!

Impressions from the Workshops

Rehearsal in the classroom

Class from Gabriel and Doris Staubli

Bodypercussion and HipHop

Rehearsal with the class from Jörg Stein

«leise brüllen», Art Education-Project

The artists have started to develop the project with the 120 children at the school Windisch, AG.

HipHop: Patrick Grigo
Perkussion: Gilson de Assis
Trickfilm: Anka Schmid
Videoprojektion: Ursula Palla
Camera obscura: Jacqueline Weiss
Papierinstallation: Roman Sonderegger
Musik: Big Zis

Total production Brigitta Luisa Merki

Photos: Project Start at the school Windisch in various art disciplines

Poster design: Participation of students

Six pupils (from Bezirksschule) have been inspired by the project title: From their works t&kk has selected a winning image for the poster.

The subjects were created by: Amira Lang and Carmen Koch Bez. 4d, Leyla Huber Bez. 4d, Alina Schödler Bez. 4d, Patrick Popp Bez. 4d, Laura Biollay Bez. 3c.

babel. überall, Performance Video

About 90 Min. fantastic art experience

babel. überall is still touching...

Projection from the performance

babel. everywhere: Great success, the audience is touched

Impressions from the performances

Video-Clip «babel. everywhere»

by Spindler Films

Project 2014: babel. everywhere

Look into ongoing workshops

A small group of pupils, guided from the filmmaker and artist Michael Spindler, present their first recordings from ongoing workshops. Their short films show how the artists develop little parts of the Projekt for Mai 2014 with the pupils of Neuenhof.

babel. everywhere - coming soon

Final rehearsals

babel. everywhere: Impressions from the Workshops

2014: babel. everywhere

Performance: May 23 - May 28, 2014

In May 2014 the monastery church will host the premiere of a unique pedagogical project (Art Education) involving international artists collaborating with the Argovian Neuenhof School. Over the course of six months students, teachers, and artists will develop Project babel. everywhere, a work of art comprised of dance, music and the visual arts.

Rhythm, sound, music and dance as well as unique interior decorations created by artists and students alike will transform the monastery church into an inspiring universe from May 23 to May 28, 2014.

Well-known regional as well as international artists of all age groups were contracted for the various art forms. They have all made a name for themselves through their outstanding personalities, their competence, and experience.

Dance: Marco Volta, Daria Reimann, Patrick Grigo
Percussion / Rhythm: Pierre Favre, Fredrik Gille, Alvise Carbone
Vocals: Margret Sohn, Rea Hunziker
Flute: Eva Debrunner
Visual arts: Ruth Maria Obrist, Ursula Rutishauser
Film: Michael Spindler
Instrumental accompaniment: Claudio Canonica (Violine), Gregor Loepfe (Piano), Thom Wettstein (Bass)

Project Manager: Eliane Zgraggen
Art Director: Brigitta Luisa Merki

babel. everywhere was produced in cooperation with the "Kultur macht Schule" (Culture and Schools Working Together) program of the Fachstelle Kulturvermittlung, Departement Bildung, Kultur und Sport, Kanton Aargau (Institute for the Promotion of Culture; Department of Education, Culture and Sports; Canton of Aargau).

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