«Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube»

Trailer «Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube»

Premiere «Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube»

Rehearsal from Flamencos en route and CHAARTS



Mural from Maja Hürst

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In her latest production created for the Königsfelden Minster Brigitta Luisa Merki, the Choreographer and Founder of the "tanz&kunst königsfelden" dance platform, explores new reference points, both in the music and the content. Ravel's Bolero and the poetry written by Silja Walter, a poet and nun, serve as sources of inspiration. The new production is a collaboration of Tanzcompagnie Flamencos en route with "tanz&kunst königsfelden"; CHAARTS, a music ensemble, as well as renowned Artist Maja Hürst, who will paint a large-scale mural for the production.
Pictures from the rehearsals from Flamencos en route (Rehearsal Studio, Oederlin Areal, Baden)

Premiere: May 19th, 2017, Königsfelden Minster, Windisch
23 Performances starting on June 18th, 2017, Wednesday through Sunday at 9 pm
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The high-caliber cast for:

Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube

inspired by Silja Walter

Artistic director: Brigitta Luisa Merki.

A coproduction from tanz&kunst königsfelden with:

Tanzcompagnie Flamencos en route
Dance: Natalia Alcalá, Eloy Aguilar, Iván Amaya, Mohamed Benchegra, Carmen Coy,
Carmen Iglesias, Cristina San Gregorio, Ricardo Moro, Karima Nayt, Jesús Perona
Guitar: Juan Gomez, Pascual de Lorca Singing: Karima Nayt, Vicente Gelo

music ensemble CHAARTS
Klavier: Arta Aricane Violine: Ronny Spiegel, Felix Froschhammer, Flavia Grubenmann Viola: Markus Fleck Cello: Andreas Fleck Klarinette: Fabio di Casola Flöte: Klaasje Nieuwhof Bass: Matej Varga

Mural: Maja Hürst

More of the production

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Production 2017

Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube

Premiere May 19 2017, Klosterkirche Königsfelden, Windisch,
23 Performances until June 18 2017,Wednesday to Sunday, at 9 pm

Artistic director, choreographer: Brigitta Luisa Merki.
A coproduction from tanz&kunst königsfelden with the dance compagnie Flamencos en route and with the music ensemble CHAARTS.
Wallpainting: Maja Hürst.

Silja Walter

Maja Hürst

«SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge»

The brave combination of contemporary dance and classical music are well appreciated - t&kk could welcome many guests from the Aargau and beyond. Once again, - this time with SIBIL.LA-Tanzgesänge -, let t&kk the audience relive the monumental space of the monastery church.

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«SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge» is still touching

Successful derniere from «SIBIL.LA»

t&kk 2015 ends with standing ovation

Video from art-tv to «SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge»

Pictures from the performances

Unit between dance and music in «SIBIL.LA»

Successful premier from «SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge»

Photos: Alex Spichale

Final rehearsals in Klosterkirche Königsfelden

Impressions from the Dance/Music/Sibyls-sculptures, from Michael Spindler

Famous choreographers for SIBIL.LA

SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge is created from the idea and conception until the choreography from Arantxa Sagardoy and Alfredo Bravo especially for t&kk. Both are in SIBIL.LA also to see as dancers.

Biographies from the choreographers

Star cast in music: CHAARTS

Musicensemble CHAARTS and guests:
Markus Fleck, Karima Nayt (Gesang), Fredrik Gille, Andreas Fleck, Irina Ungureanu (Gesang), Ronny Spiegel, Felix Froschhammer, Asami Uemura, Tashko Tasheff

Curriculums (only available in German)

Star cast in dance

International contemporary dance ensemble

Karima Nayt, Fabian Thomé, Martina Ronchetti, Valentina Pedica, Sara Pennella, Arantxa Sagardoy, Alfredo Bravo, Marco Purcaro, Michela Lanteri, Claudio Costantino, Diana Noriega, Marc Fernández-Mercadé

To the curriculums from the dance company

Rehearsals in the Klosterkirche Königsfelden

First rehearsal from CHAARTS in the sculptures from Gillian White

Coming soon: «SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge», from 20 May 2015!

New Video-Trailer from Michael Spindler

Photos from the rehearsals to «SIBIL.LA»

Choreography: Arantxa Sagardoy / Alfredo Bravo

SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge work in progress

A strong physical presence and extreme precision of the dance movements characterize the dance idiom of the two renowned choreographers. Both Arantxa Sagardoy (Spain) and Alfredo Bravo (Chile/France) actively participate as dancers in SIBIL.LA.

Stage Design for SIBIL.LA Created by Gillian White

The sculptor has created an entire series of sculptures inspired by the mythological sibyls.
Over the course of the past few decades, British-born artist Gillian White has made herself a name in Switzerland with her large sculptures commissioned both for public spaces and for buildings.

SIBIL.LA - Tanzgesänge work in progress

Video impressions directly from Tarragona

Start first choreographic studies

The dance ensemble for SIBIL.LA is rehearsing in Tarragona under the direction of Arantxa Sagardoy and Alfredo Bravo. 


from Michael Spindler


Premiere on 20 May 2015
Performances until 20 of June 2015
Königsfelden Abbey, Windisch

Start Ticket pre-sale: from January  20 2015

The "SIBIL.LA" project encompasses various styles of music and dance and was created for an international dance ensemble consisting of 11 contemporary (male and female) dancers, the Argovian CHAARTS music ensemble, and two singers, the charismatic Irina Ungureanu and Karima Nayt.

The star cast of dance and music ensemble promises a new listening and viewing experience
in the historical space.
The sibyls represent both human longing for a superior power and for prevision as well as for the augural inner voice of the individual. The songs of the sibyls convey something prophetic that manifests itself in the dancing body and in the trance of the dance, something in search of answers, hope and deliverance.

Choreography: Arantxa Sagardoy and Alfredo Bravo
International Dance Company: Sara Pennella, Diana Noriega, Martina Ronchetti, Valentina Pedica, Michela Lanteri, Claudio Costantino, Marco Purcaro, Fabien Thomé, Marc Fernández-Mercadé, Arantxa Sagardoy, Alfredo Bravo
Music Andreas Fleck with CHAARTS: Felix Froschhammer, Ronny Spiegel, Markus Fleck,
Tashko Tasheff, Asami Uemura
Singer: Irina Ungureanu, Karima Nayt
Percussion: Fredrik Gille
Sculptures: Gillian White

Choreographers Arantxa Sagardoy and Alfredo Bravo

first photoshooting

The renowned and international demanded choreographers created for the national ballet from Spain and the national ballet from Chile. Award-winning choreography was their "Babylon".

Enthusiastic Reception of babel.torre viva
in Königsfelden

„babel.torre viva", a production encompassing multiple art forms, ended its last performance on Sunday, June 16th with a standing ovation. Since its premiere on May 17th more than 5500 people have attended the "babel.torre viva" performances. Thanks to 23 completely sold-out performances and enthusiastic audiences the production was a huge success. Commentaries by the press and audience members from all over the country confirm the spellbinding effect of "babel.torre viva". The Neue Zürcher Zeitung made the following comment about the production: "The Canton of Aargau is lucky to have this".

Input Swisslos SF1

Opening night babel.torre viva 17 May 2013

Latest pictures

art-tv visits tanz&kunst

„Electrifying flamenco, awe-inspiring contemporary dance, incredible singing”


art-tv, 23.05.2013

More Newspaper Review Excerpts from the Premiere
of May 17, 2013

Undeniably the Dance Event of 2013

"'tanz&kunst königsfelden' stands for a new brand of art, namely for the newly-created beacon of Argovian culture. With her production ‘babel. torre viva', Artistic Director Brigitta Luisa Merki has not wasted any time creating an extraordinary oeuvre, a stroke of genius that more than satisfies the intended purpose of this new stage setting. The audience is enthusiastic! ... Very poignantly, Brigitta Luisa allows the two dance styles to unfold individually, only to work them into a combined choreography during subsequent key scenes. The explosive flamenco theatrics of the macho character (Eloy Aguilar) combined with the astounding dance technique of the - in a very different way - also very masculine counterpart (Mohamed Benchegra) are sensational and entirely original.... Sung, performed and danced in different languages and forms of expression, but tamed by the artistic and creative will of the choreographer, ‘tanz&kunst königsfelden' is undeniably the dance event of 2013."
Ernst Rothenbach, Regional, May 23, 2013

"Struggling angels and pilgrims - The production is a declaration of love to life itself without the exclusion of pain and mourning. ... The Tower of Babel, built by Artist Ruth Maria Obrist from wooden boards vertically fastened together fits into the church setting as if it had always been there. On three levels the dancers - supported by varying types of illumination - conjure up angels and goddesses before the audience's eyes."
Irene Wegmann, General-Anzeiger, May 23, 2013

Newspaper Review Excerpts from the Premiere of
May 17, 2013

The Audience Is Left Speechless, the Critics Rave

"Classical ballet with its fluid movements and steps conflates with the more contoured dance idiom of the flamenco - as demonstrated for example in the scene "Wrestling With the Angels" performed by Eloy Aguilar and Mohamed Benchegra. Their duet is as riveting as it is captivatingly beautiful. With babel. torre viva Brigitta Luisa Merki has succeeded in creating a haunting oeuvre, which shines from within and invites reflection long after the sounds and images have faded away."
Elisabeth Feller, Aargauer Zeitung, May 21, 2013

"Brigitta Luisa Merki, founder of the well-known ensemble flamencos en route and, since 2007, artistic director of tanz&kunst königsfelden, presents her audience with a stroke of genius in this new production.
.... Featuring three levels and an empty space in front, the tower offers an ever-changing ambiance for the dancers and musicians in which to display human differences and commonalities. The latter keep intensifying and finally culminate in "viva", a lively and powerful ode to tolerance and to the strength that results from concerting one's efforts."
Nina Scheu, Tages-Anzeiger, May 23, 2013

"Most moving are the songs performed by Karima Nayt. Her voice crosses styles and cultures, travels from light into darkness, until it reemerges again."
Lilo Weber, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, May 21, 2013

"The premiere of Brigitta Luisa Merki's new production on the Whitsun weekend left the audience spellbound."
Ursula Pellaton, Der Landbote, May 23, 2013

New video

Chorprobe Kirche Königsfelden Schola Cantorum Wettingensis

We proudly announce:

Karima Nayt receives the „Swedish Folk&World Music Award“ for the best CD 2012

The Algerian singer Karima Nayt, who is presently rehearsing in Baden for the new production „babel.torre viva" of tanz&kunst königsfelden, has won the "Swedish Folk&World Award 2013" for her CD "Quoi d'autre" on the 20th April. Congratulations!

Building the tower at the abbey

Video of the creation of babel.torre viva in Königsfelden

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New video

First impressions of the rehearsals

babel.torre viva is beginning to take shape

First images from Königsfelden Abbey

First impressions of babel.torre viva: Mohamed Benchegra and Julia Maria Koch at wintry Königsfelden Abbey. Photo: Alex Spichale.

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Everything about babel.torre viva

tanz&kunst königsfelden now has its own Facebook page!

On this platform, we follow the development of babel.torre viva and offer you a look behind the scenes of this project. Make sure you don't miss anything until the premiere on 17 May - just click on the link and Like our page.

babel.torre viva

Tickets already on sale!

babel.torre viva, the new production by tanz&kunst königsfelden, will be premiering on 17 May 2013.

At Königsfelden Abbey, artistic director Brigitta Luisa Merki presents a powerful dance and music project loosely based on the myth of babel. As in past productions, the abbey takes center stage as an art space: for babel.torre viva, Argovian artist Ruth Maria Obrist will be creating a tower in the nave of the church.

An international cast of dancers and musicians meets a choir of 50 singers (Schola Cantorum Wettingensis and Vocapella) conducted by Roland Fitzlaff. Centered around the tower, various instrumental and vocal styles and dance traditions merge into an exciting artistic unit.

Tickets are already on sale! Tickets can be purchased at Info Baden on www.ticket.baden.ch or at 056 200 84 84.