down and up

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

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Video: Javier Garcia,

Set designer

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

Colorful dance

Collage with Eliane Zgraggen

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen & Nadja Loretan

Dancing language workshop

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

In common mode

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

Creative diary cover

The students create their own cover for the their diary.

Workshop with Teresa Rotemberg

in contemporary dance

Workshop with Karl Egli

Graphical optical blackout

The students create together with stage light designer Karl Egli Graphical optical blackouts.

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

Workshop with Patrick Grigo

Hip Hop

Workshops contemporary dance

With Teresa Rotemberg, Lucía Baumgartner und Xenia Fueger.

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

Workshop with writer Andreas Neeser

Rehearsals «kopfüber»

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

First impressions from the workshops

Photos @Eliane Zgraggen

t&kk 2018


Art Education-Project in dance, visual arts and music

Artists develop during 5 month a unique project with 75 children in the age between 11 and 12 years from the school Angelrain in Lenzburg/AG.

Art Director: Brigitta Luisa Merki
Project Manager: Eliane Zgraggen
Contemporary Dance: Teresa Rotemberg, Lucía Baumgartner
Hip Hop: Patrick Grigo
Assistant: Xenja Füger
Visual arts: Doris Haller, Eliane Zgraggen, Karl Egli
Word: Andreas Neeser

Performances from June 1 to June 6, 2018, 20:30 at Klosterkirche Königsfelden, Windisch.