Trailer «Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube»

Premiere «Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube»

Rehearsal from Flamencos en route and CHAARTS



Mural from Maja Hürst

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In her latest production created for the Königsfelden Minster Brigitta Luisa Merki, the Choreographer and Founder of the "tanz&kunst königsfelden" dance platform, explores new reference points, both in the music and the content. Ravel's Bolero and the poetry written by Silja Walter, a poet and nun, serve as sources of inspiration. The new production is a collaboration of Tanzcompagnie Flamencos en route with "tanz&kunst königsfelden"; CHAARTS, a music ensemble, as well as renowned Artist Maja Hürst, who will paint a large-scale mural for the production.
Pictures from the rehearsals from Flamencos en route (Rehearsal Studio, Oederlin Areal, Baden)

Premiere: May 19th, 2017, Königsfelden Minster, Windisch
23 Performances starting on June 18th, 2017, Wednesday through Sunday at 9 pm
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The high-caliber cast for:

Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube

inspired by Silja Walter

Artistic director: Brigitta Luisa Merki.

A coproduction from tanz&kunst königsfelden with:

Tanzcompagnie Flamencos en route
Dance: Natalia Alcalá, Eloy Aguilar, Iván Amaya, Mohamed Benchegra, Carmen Coy,
Carmen Iglesias, Cristina San Gregorio, Ricardo Moro, Karima Nayt, Jesús Perona
Guitar: Juan Gomez, Pascual de Lorca Singing: Karima Nayt, Vicente Gelo

music ensemble CHAARTS
Klavier: Arta Aricane Violine: Ronny Spiegel, Felix Froschhammer, Flavia Grubenmann Viola: Markus Fleck Cello: Andreas Fleck Klarinette: Fabio di Casola Flöte: Klaasje Nieuwhof Bass: Matej Varga

Mural: Maja Hürst

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Production 2017

Bolero. Tanz der Feuertaube

Premiere May 19 2017, Klosterkirche Königsfelden, Windisch,
23 Performances until June 18 2017,Wednesday to Sunday, at 9 pm

Artistic director, choreographer: Brigitta Luisa Merki.
A coproduction from tanz&kunst königsfelden with the dance compagnie Flamencos en route and with the music ensemble CHAARTS.
Wallpainting: Maja Hürst.

Silja Walter

Maja Hürst